Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elder MacDonald

So I've been thinking about coming out of the blogging hiatus for a while. I figured Ross' little bro leaving for a two year mission is as good a reason as any to return to the blogging world. I have also added a gazillion pics in some posts below to catch up- in case you're wondering what Kelsey looked like from about 10mo-now (22mos), or if you're really, really bored. =)

We woke up early yesterday morning to go see him off at the airport. He flew to Utah to go to the MTC for a week, and then he is off to the Brazil, Salvador South Mission! Kelsey was really only half awake, as you can tell in the pics, but she was a great sport to let us wake her up that early (4:30am!) without a fuss. Congrats Cameron! (or Elder MacDonald!) We are so proud of you!

First Kiss!!

I have been wanting to post this video for months- her first kiss ever caught on tape!

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere!

Here is some major picture catch up for our spring and summer:


Ready to be a little firefighter. Water and all!

Hiking at Indian Rock

This hairdo lasted about 3 more seconds after I took this pic...oh well.


Mother's DayGymnastics Class!

Chillin' with her friend Beckett
Wedding Time! Congrats to our gorgeous friend Kyla and her new hubby Tim!Ross' bday! She was such a great helper putting in the candles. See food!
Trying to be just like her daddy.

Just being her normal goofy self. This is how she "smiles" for the camera now. I don't know where she got the idea for the squinty eyes.Quick day trip to SF
Father's Day!

Alameda County Fair:

Watching the piglets race

First pony ride!

Showing off the decorations of our first party throwing event ever. (I know, fancy, right?) She was excited for it all day, had a blast, and was so sad when everybody had to leave.

It has been a great summer so far. Hopefully it won't take another year to update the blog with the rest of the summer happenings...haha. (And just in case that wasn't enough for you, there is a catch-up Easter post below. And someday maybe we'll post some pics of 10-18mo old Kelsey...maybe.)

Happy (Really, Really Late) Easter!

Kelsey did great for her first official (walking) easter egg hunt. She absolutely loved finding the eggs! (The ones shaped like bunnies were definitely her favorite!)

Just a couple cute pics from later that day:

Growing up, my family had a tradition of doing an easter treasure hunt for each child. My dad would draw pics of things in our house as the clues and we'd have to figure out what it was a picture of and go there to get our next clue. I really liked this and we started doing it this year with Kelsey.

The final prize was a tricycle, but it was raining when we did the hunt, so she finally got to ride it a few days later. (And even let her cousin Maisie have a turn!)